HTC Exodus 1 officially announced

HTC Exodus 1 officially announced

HTC’s Exodus 1 smartphone will concentrate on, quote, „decentralized applications and security”. In order to buy it, at least until the end of its Early Access (can be ordered at, the customer will have to pay in Bitcoins (0.15 BTC, roughly $960). Shipments will begin in December. HTC Exodus 1’s features will include:

– secured hard drive area for private data and cryptocurrency keys,
– Zion API that allows Exodus 1 to sign transactions,
– wallet SDK,
– 6′ QHD display,
– Snapdragon 845 chipset, 6GB RAM and 128GB flash memory,
– dual 16mpx main camera, telephoto zoom, dual 8mpx selfie shooter,
– 3500 mAh battery,
– Android Oreo OS.

HTX Exodus 1 is set for release in at least 34 countries worldwide, some of them being the US, Taiwan, UK, Australia, Singapore and most of the Europe countries.

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