New service to remove a Mi account is available right now

New service to remove a Mi account is available right now

What is a Mi account blockade ?

A Mi account blockade typically refers to a situation where access to your Mi account, which is Xiaomi’s user account system, is restricted or disabled.
This can happen for various reasons, including security concerns, violation of terms of service, or suspicious activity detected on the account.

Here are some common scenarios that may lead to a Mi account blockade:

Security Concerns: If there are signs of unauthorized access, such as multiple failed login attempts or unusual account activity, Xiaomi may block the account to prevent potential security breaches.

Violation of Terms of Service: Xiaomi has specific terms of service and community guidelines that users are expected to adhere to. Violations of these terms, such as engaging in spamming, fraud, or other prohibited activities, can result in the blocking of your Mi account.

Suspicious Activity: Any suspicious behavior detected by Xiaomi’s security systems, such as using third-party software or services that violate Xiaomi’s policies, may trigger a blockade of your account.

Payment Issues: If there are payment-related issues, such as chargebacks or fraudulent transactions associated with your Mi account, Xiaomi may temporarily block access until the matter is resolved.

Verification and Authentication: In some cases, Xiaomi may block an account pending verification of the user’s identity or additional authentication measures to ensure account security.

If you want to remove a Mi account from your device, because you bought a used one and the previous owner didn’t remove it, we can help you with that.

Follow this link to make an order to remove a Mi account model doesn’t matter and the price depends on the country or region from which your device comes from.

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