Android P is here. Cool?

Android P is here. Cool?

Android’s newest operating system is now available in Developer Preview, for now reserved for devs and those with special interest (and, presumably, leverage in the industry) in Android’s OS. That is nice, but should the ”common man” care about P?

Not really, at least according to people wiser than I. Judging by what can be found online, Android P is mostly interesting for developers. That is because it allows app creators more freedom in optimizing their programs towards the OS, particulary the notch. Average user will only notice the smaller changes, like changed colours in the menu or pictures and stickers showing up in notifications. There is also a number of tweaks done to the OS’ security.

Overall, Android P is nothing to hold your breath for, at least in its current state. Most of us are using OS’ older than Oreo and even Nougat anyway, so it is not like there is any rush to get the newest one.

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