Twitter might release an official twitterstorm function

Twitter might release an official twitterstorm function

If you are interested in this news then you probably already know what a twitterstorm is, but I will explain just in case. When Twitter was created, it was made for people to write short, 140-signs messages, slim, compact and straight to the point. What, though, if someone wants to write more? They can, in a roundabout way – they have to post one tweet, then another, and then more if needed, which, while absolutely possible, is tad cumbersome.

So, what is the news? According to The Next Web, an earlier unknown function is now hidden in the Android version of the Twitter app. This function allows the user to post a chain of tweets without the tiresome process of writing one post under another. Cool, I guess.

So far, there was no word from Twitter about this latest leak. People who know more about that app than I do believe that the official twitterstorm support is a natural order of things and that it will certainly be implemented into the application after the neccessary tests are complete.

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