Alcatel busted or the nerve of some companies!

Alcatel busted or the nerve of some companies!

Goddamn. Alcatel is a French company mainly dealing in mid-to-low-range mobile devices as well as, lately, ad-filled applications that are forcibly installed on your smartphone. Not a very good recommendation, is it. Anyhoo, Alcatel is actually even worse than that. Today it turned out that, in order to use Alcatel’s calculator app, which replaced the default one, user had to give it a five star rating. True story.


Soon after learning of the issue, Reddit caused a considerable ruckus online. Putting the absurd dishonesty of the above aside, requesting a rating for using the app is simply against Google Play Store rules. Thankfully Google reacted fast and removed the calculator from its store. Soon after, Alcatel put in a new app that does not require the rating.

What do you think? Pretty disgusting if you ask me.

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