Germany, Italy and more countries’ prices of Samsung Galaxy S9

Germany, Italy and more countries' prices of Samsung Galaxy S9

As I already let you know in the post from earlier today, Galaxy S9 will be an expensive phone. For the $720 to $800 it better deliver! How to put it… these prices are the ones promised for the US; outside the land of freedom and apple pie, S9 series will be even more expensive. Due to various taxation and import issues, S9 series will be up to 30% more expensive in some of the non-US countries. According to this list, which I think does not come from any official source, this is what some of the non-Americans will have to pay for Galaxy S9 and S9+:

Galaxy S9:

Germany – 849 EUR ($1049),
France – 859 EUR ($1060),
Italy – 899 EUR ($1109),
UK – £739 ($1040),
China – ¥6100 ($972).

Galaxy S9+:

Germany – 949 EUR ($1172),
France – 959 EUR ($1183),
Italy – 999 EUR ($1233),
UK – £869 ($1222),
China – ¥7000 ($1110).

Ouch… Italians in particular will have to be really careful when considering buying an S9 or Plus.

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