iPhone will give us a choice – a safe phone or a fast phone

iPhone will give us a choice - a safe phone or a fast phone

Much have been said about the so-called ”batterygate”; so much, in fact, that you probably either know all about it or are not interested at all. If you want to refresh your memory/familiarize yourself with the subject, go check out the link provided – if not, continue with today’s news.

His Eminence Tim Cook The Magnificent himself has recently asseverated that Apple is preparing a special update for all its smartphones – or at least older ones. This update, that has been said to come online next month, will allow iPhone owners to decide whether or not they want to allow Apple to artificially block some of their phone’s processing power, potentially sacrificing the device’s longevity for faster (or, rather, as fast as it was supposed to be) performance. Of course, Tim Cook suggests not using this possibility at all. Update will also give iPhone users an option to monitor their batteries’ performance and condition.

I do not trust Apple. I know, I should be glad that the company has been forced to make an user-friendly changes, but I believe it will try its best to turn those changes against users. Apple could, for example, release a silent update which spends phone batteries even faster than before, after which the company would say ”so sorry, but we told you so, smartphone batteries do not live long, God’s will, how about you buy a new iPhone?”. Or they could purposely add some kind of a glitch to the update, which of course would be fixed after a few weeks but would do a good job of discouraging people from using the new options. Everything so that people will keep ditching old phones and spending money on new ones. What do you think?

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