Samsung mocked Apple and now Motorola mocks them both

Samsung mocked Apple and now Motorola mocks them both

Hey, guys. Remember this hilarious advertisement about Samsung trolling Apple? Well, it now has a spinoff! The sort-of sequel to Samsung’s ad is made by Motorola. It is called ”Up-Upgrade to Motorola”.

What is the story? A young man that we remember from Samsung’s advertisement is leading a seemingly happy and comfortable life. He comes home, sits on a couch and whips off his Samsung, ready to watch a video. His wife, seemingly a guardian angel of mobile telecommunication, stops him and takes out her fresh new Motorola Moto Z2 Play. She takes out a Moto Mod projector and sets the device up, ending with a large video window being projected on the wall instead of the Samsung’s humble 6-inch-or-so display. Touche.

While it can be argued which company – Apple, Samsung or Motorola – makes better phones, one cannot deny how funny these adverts are. Personally I hope that this trend of ”mock-ads” will continue and that we will see many more hilarious nudges at famous smartphone brands.

Your turn, Apple?

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