BlackBerry Krypton receives FCC certification

BlackBerry Krypton receives FCC certification

BB Krypton has already received Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and now FCC certifications, which means that the device probably is good to go. Here is what we know about the phone:

– 4000mAh battery, which is considerable,
– 1080 x 1920 screen resolution,
– Snapdragon 625 CPU,
– 4GB RAM,
– possibly an IP 67 water-and-dust-proof certificate.

I do not understand why but, according to an older Wi-Fi Alliance certification, there will be four different models of the phone: BBD100-1. BBD100-2, -3 and -6. What does this mean is anyone’s guess, since I doubt we will be seeing four different Krypton models. Then again, what do I know?

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