Galaxy S5 survived a thousand feet drop unscathed

Galaxy S5 survived a thousand feet drop unscathed

Phones are relatively sensitive devices. Allow one to slip from your hand and onto the cobblestones and it will break; throw it against the wall in a fit of anger (why did they cancel Regular Show!?!?) and it will break. If you were three hundred meters above ground and accidentally let your Samsung/Huawei/iPhone/ZTE drop all the way down, all you would get in return would be a few handfuls of bits and bolts and wiring to collect.

Or would it?

According to a story found on YouTube, one Blake Henderson was on a plane, where he was filming another plane (Inception?). Suddenly, Mr Henderson lost grip on his phone. The device slipped and plummeted 1000 feet down to earth, ending up in someone’s yard. The owner of the yard found the phone and it turned out that, somehow, device turned out to be completely fine. To make things even more silly, phone’s camera was on for the whole time, so that we can watch ”The Fall and The Find of Galaxy S5” for our own pleasure. Enjoy.

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