Facebook has over two billion users. Hurray, whee, yaay

Facebook has over two billion users. Hurray, whee, yaay

Of course, a large number of these accounts are either fakes or no longer used (because, for example, their owner died), buuuut ”FB has two billion users, but some of them are fake, gone or dead” would not make a good title.

Anyway, real or not, Facebook does not plan on letting such a milestone pass without acknowledging it. Social website prepares a few surprises for its users. One of them, perhaps the largest, is a personalized video. It supposedly shows the user’s contributions to Facebook, but it will probably end up showing your posts that earned the most likes and such. Facebook will also thank you, as funny as it sounds, for your FB activities like liking, commenting or sharing.

Cool, I suppose. Personally I am not impressed but perhaps more socially able people will find FB’s gimmicks much more entertaining. Perhaps this personalized video will turn out to be actually meaningful…

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