Samsung’s Walk Mode app is a pointless, annoying and overall ridiculous battery drainer

Samsung's Walk Mode app is a pointless, annoying and overall ridiculous battery drainer

Long story short; Walk Mode is horrible, don’t download it, kk bye.

Sigh… okay, I guess I have to tell you a bit more. Walk Mode is a smartphone application released by Samsung. The app is only available in India as of now and pray to god it will stay there, I mean, there is no info on its global release date. Walk Mode is advertised as a notification app, warning the user of any danger that presents before he/she as he/she walks while using phone. Sounds pretty neat, no? What could it be? Some sort of augmented reality tech, an object detector that will alert us of cars, pedestrians and environment dangers before us?

Nope. Nothing like that. Not even remotely as cool and useful. More like the opposite.

You see, instead of making the app actually do something, someone at Samsung thought ”hey, lets release mobile application which only purpose is to state the obvious while eating battery life and overlapping anything the user may be doing at the moment”. Upon activating the app, Walk Mode icon overlay will appear on your screen. After a few moments of walking with your phone in your hand, phone starts to vibrate and a huge ” Watch your step!” covers almost whole screen. The kicker is, overlay appears no matter what. You may be walking through the flattest, emptiest desert in the world and it would still appear the moment you make a step. In short, this app does not warns you about something dangerous going on before you. Instea it tells you that using your phone while walking may be dangerous.

No duh, Walk Mode. Never would have thought of it myself.

App has a number of little gimmicks put there in order to keep the customer interested, like gving you a ”walk rating” or including car horn detector (that does not work), but it is all just a smokescreen, badly trying to hide the fact that This. App. Is. Pointless. Just do not download it, period.

P.S. Before someone says I am a Samsung hater – I am not. I do not care about any smartphone company.

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