Enyo, a well-made, challenging game for Android

Enyo, a well-made, challenging game for Android

Lately, gamers enjoy difficult games more and more. I like that trend – as a gamer myself, I was getting tired of the mid-late 2000’s flood of easy-pie shooters and other flashy but brain-dead action games, and while I do not really play on my smartphone, if I have, I’d like to play Enyo. This one is a turn-based tactical game. You are put in control of Enyo, a Greek goddess of war and companion to Ares, and it is your task to navigate a chessboard-like map and gather three artifacts while avoiding and/or defeating a number of monsters along the way. You do that by using one of four moves available – for example, you can use your hook to slam enemies against a wall, or jump over them. The trick to the game is using a limited but sufficient number of actions as well as the map’s geography in order to win.

Enyo is a f2p game, although it does feature a relatively not annoying advertisement. You can remove it for a small payment of $1.99, which will also allow you to play in a special challenge mode. Long story short, Enyo is a satisfying and difficult game that costs you (almost – depending) nothing to play.

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