Happy birthday to you… 35th anniversary of the first computer virus

Happy birthday to you... 35th anniversary of the first computer virus

Perhaps this is not the proper occasion to celebrate, but it is good to know anyway. Thirty five years ago one Richard Skrent (this surname sounds funny in Polish, trust me), then a zit-faced teenager living with his parents in the US, has created what is recognized as the first computer virus ever made. How did this evil progenitor of the modern Terror of the First World work? Elk Cloner, for that is its name, hooked itself to the DOS 3.3 OS and transmitted from computer to computer (or from Apple II to Apple II, to be precise) via a floppy disk (wow, floppy disks… I still remember those, but only barely). It could only be removed by hard resetting the disk. Otherwise, every fifieth time the computer was powered on, a ”poem” was displayed on screen:

Elk Cloner: The program with a personality

It will get on all your disks

It will infiltrate your chips

Yes, it’s Cloner!

It will stick to you like glue

It will modify RAM too

Send in the Cloner!

Back then, computers had no protection against this kind of attack; therefore, soon, every of Skrent’s Apple-owning friends has had their computer infected. Now that we know the story, I have but one question – why ELK Cloner?

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