iPad pro is not doing so good

iPad pro is not doing so good

The well known company from USA, Apple makes a lot of different devices, which are both user friendly and well designed.
They have lot of fans all over the globe, which wait impatiently for a new model to appear. This time however the news are not to good for Apple.

Their newest big toy called iPad PRO, is not selling too good.
Taiwanese publication Digitimes has announced that the company has only 2,5M of orders made for the end of the year.
The Q1 of 2016 might be even worst, and the only chance for the device to sell well is the holiday season coming soon.

The biggest problem when it comes to iPad PRO is the fact, that it is quite expensive.
The cheapest price that we could find start with $799 for a 32GB of storage version. The more reasonable version with 128GB costs $949 and a full package with a Smart Keyboard ($169) and Pencil ($99) is worth $1200. you can also add $130 for the top model with cellular radios.
The prices come from the USA, where the device is suppost to be available for the lowest price.

We are looking forward for checking the results after the holidays which might change the fate of iPAD PRO.

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