New Microsoft apps for Galaxy S6 and S6 edge

New Microsoft apps for Galaxy S6 and S6 edge

The newest system update for the newest Samsung models called Galaxy S6 and S6 edge brings a lot of amazing apps.

All applications come from Microsoft, who already included OneDrive and OneNote from the start.
The new addiditions to the system include: Office, Word, and PowerPoint.

The update is not yet available for all regions, but if you are prompted for the update it will have a build number of LMY47X.G925FXXU2COH2 and it wieghts about 220MB.
After the update is complete the user can find all the applications installed on the system. is a network unlocking company that offers special unlokc codes, for all Samsung models. We offer from 1 to 4 codes depending on the network. If you are tired of using the same provider all the time, you can use our codes to use any carrier you wish.

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