LG forced to cut down their prices, by the competition

LG forced to cut down their prices, by the competition

We received information that the LG company has been having some problems recently. It had their mobile division’s revenues taken down, smartphone shipments decreased 3% and the operating profit was down a 99.7% which is big disaster for such company.

The problems might be caused by the competition including Samsung the biggest South Korean cellphone producer and the American giant Apple which produces iPhones.

One network that comes from South Korea SK Telecom gave a report that gave us information about their deals with those 3 companies.

If a company like LG produced 17 of their smartphones for SK Telecom it was a cost of $150 for the SK Telecom’s $51 level subscription plans.

The number one producer Samsung had a cost of $355 and Apple company with $735. It shows that the LG company is not doing very good right now, and the only solution for them would be to lower their prices even more. Sim-unlock.net is a network unlocking company which offer special unlock codes for LG smartphones. The only phones that cannot be unlocked, are LG models with IMEI number starting with 9900, becaus ethere is no way to enter an unlock code in such model.

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