LG G4 soon in Korea

LG G4 soon in Korea

The new flagship from the South Korean company called LG G4 has been announced to arrive on the market on April 29.

It will be available for all Korean users on April 29, not as the rumors said May 31.
The mistake come from a worng translation.
More details for the phone will appear on April 28 during the events which will take place in London and New York.

If you are a proud owner of a LG device, but you are tired of using the same network all the time, we have great news for you.

our website called sim-unlock.net offers special unlock codes, which can remove the network blockade, to allow your phone to work in any network you wish.
Only IMEI numbers starting 99000 are not supported, because there is no way to enter the code in this model.

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