5G from South Korea and European Union

5G from South Korea and European Union

We just heard an amazing news about a collaboration from The European Commission and the South Korean Ministry of Science.

Both investors are planning to develop a new mobile internet which will be called 5G.

The korean part will invest about €700 million over the next seven years, and the European Union will invest five times more.

The purpose of this deal is to create, a really fast internet which will allow to download a Full HD movie in 6 seconds, and will help to develop smart cities like Songdo in Korea.

What is a smart city? Is a place where all houses, cars and other stuff works which other thanks to a internet connection.

For example You will be able to send what is in front of You by using cameras installed in a car upfront.

Lets hope that the deal will turn out to be a great success with the biggest advantages coming to ordinary users, not private companies.

5G won’t appear until year 2020-2030, so there is still a lot that might change.

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