Samsung Galaxy S5 appears soon

According to the latest reports of the Korean ET News, in January 2014 will begin production of the new model of Samsung namely the Samsung Galaxy S5.
Samsung will be released in two versions. The first of these (premium ) will be August characterize flexible screen and metal casing while the cheaper version of the plastic housing and a flat -screen TV. Specifications both phones will be identical . Display size is expected to be 5 cm (using technology Super AMOLED , and approximately 560ppi pixel density ) .
According to reports Bloomberg, Samsung plans to release a new model of the Galaxy with a tripartite display, which wraps around the edges of the device . Thus, the user will be able to read messages from the angle ( angle ) .
Samsung introduced a prototype of its flexible display technology Youm at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES ) in Las Vegas. Youm uses OLED display technology and is designed to bring out better color and contrast in a wafer thin shell .

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