Some iPhone 15 Pro models are overheating

Some iPhone 15 Pro models are overheating

Apple should have spend more time on their new iPhone series.

The best and most costly model called iPhone 15 Pro is having very big problems right now.

Based on the recent comments we heard that many (not all) models can overheat.

The problem comes not from the chipset inside of the device like many of you may think, but rather from the poor design that Apple created.

As explained by an expert The A17 Pro is built on TSMC’s advanced new 3nm node, which is very efficient, but apparently still outputs more heat than the phone can dissipate.

Apple’s efforts to make the new iPhone Pro models lighter is the reason for the overheating.

Apple reportedly had to reduce the heat dissipation area, which in combined with the higher heat conductivity of titanium results in worse heat management for the new chipset.

The only solution for the company to fix the problem is to send some updates with the fixes.

Those fixes however come with a cost, the overall performance must be lower, which means that the device won’t be as impressive as it was.

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