Roaming is coming to the UK

Roaming is coming to the UK

Three main networks in UK has just announced that they are bringing back roaming for all people who travel in the EU.

It isn’t a big problme for many people, but it might still cause many problems for a typical user.

Not being able to call your family or friends for free, or not using a different simcard will be very problematic.

Vodafone is set to start from January, EE was also looking at the first month of 2022, but pushed that back to March. Three will add back the fee in late May.

Both EE and Vodafone will allow customers to buy a pass that avoids the daily charge. Vodafone will charge £1 a day for an 8 or a 15 day pass, EE will offer a 30-day pass for £10 (this pass will be included for free for subscribers on a Full Works plan). Three didn’t show their offer yet, instead of the £2/day fee.

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