Apple is having problems with their iPhone production

Apple is having problems with their iPhone production

It doesn’t happen that offen for Apple company to stop their production line.

The american giant had to do it however, because of the lacks of components in the factory.

Usually before christmas the company is very bussy and allows their employes to take more hours in order to reach the high demand for all customers.

However this time it goes the other way instead of earning more money for more hours, the employess are given free time.

The factory is located in China and Apple claims that such situation didn’t happen for at least 10 years.

It looks very bad for the company, because they cannot reach any estimated numbers for this year.
The number keeps getting lower and lower.

The main goal was to ship over 95 millions of iPhone 13 series, but right now it should be around 83 – 85 millions.

iPad section looks even worse, because they cannot achieve even 50% of the numbers.

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