Xiaomi has patented a ”smart mask”

Xiaomi has patented a ”smart mask”

And smiling kids that advertise it are the creepiest thing that I have seen for quite some time now.

Coronavirus is an epidemic, a tragedy, an economic issue… and a chance for enterprising people to make money. Foxconn knows that, having recently open a new face mask factory, and Xiaomi knows it too, having patented its ”smart mask” device. This item will not only protect its wearer (to a degree) from infection by airborne bacteria; it will also possess a variety of functions unlike those offered by smartwatches. Xiaomi’s mask will count the number and frequency of user’s breathing, time it is being worn and the state of the protective filter but, most importantly, it will analyze the condition of air and inform its user about whether or not it should be worn at the moment.

Right now we do not know if and when Xiaomi’s ”smart mask” will be finished nor available for sale. Considering the old wisdom of the words ”strike the iron while it is hot”, though, we can reasonably expect it to be released soon.

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