iPhone 11’s UK price is pretty steep

iPhone 11's UK price is pretty steep

Apple’s smartphones in the misty lands of Albion are usually steep, but iPhone 11 took their pricing to a whole new level. Phone 11 with 64GB storage costs £729, and things only get worse from there: the best model available, UK iPhone 11 Pro Max with 512GB storage costs £1249, an equivalent of $1544.

The original US price of that device is $1499. This means that the Brits are paying roughly 50 bucks more than their far west brethren.

Reasons? Some people believe that Apple is merely anteceding the possible – according to many probable – slump in the value of pound after Brexit takes place. Due to the real possibility of a no-deal Brexit coming to fruition, Apple is setting the prices high now so that it does not have to ”suddenly” increase them after the event.

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