Tencent are making their own gaming phone

Tencent are making their own gaming phone

Whoever did not see this coming, raise your hands.

Okay, so that is how many dummies are here. You can put your hands down. Chinese Internet and gaming company Tencent, known for publishing a plethora of mobile video games, now considers delving into the gaming smartphone business themselves. The company does not plan to manufacture this hypothetical device on its own, though; Tencent will provide its brand and publishment, while the device itself will be developed by someone else. This someone will be, according to gossip, either ASUS, Black Shark, Wentai or Razer.

Why would Tencent want to dip its finger into the mobile gaming phones pie? Mostly because releasing their own phone would allow them to install its own services and storefront on it, which in turn would mean more money flowing into the company’s coffer. These phones would also be crafted specifically so that Tencent’s mobile games could be played on them.

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