New trailer of Wolfenstein: Youngblood. Feelings: mixed

New trailer of Wolfenstein: Youngblood. Feelings: mixed

Newest trailer of the newest sequel of the well-known and (mostly, even if The New Colossus was not that great) well-liked Wolfenstein series is out. On the one hand it looks like a great ”more of the same” package: explosions, shots, blood, gore and lots of dead Nazis. On the other hand… eeh. The New Colossus already had strong and unfavorable SJW overtones, what with one of the characters being an annoying black feminist that considered everyone around her to be either ”beta males” or ”white faggots” and who, for some reason, was put on the pedestal for the majority of the story. Lets hope that BJ Blackowicz’s daughters will be less concentrated on their race and gender and more on slaughtering Nazis. Judging by the trailer, this might be the case, as both characters seem fun and charismatic enough to make good protagonists. The sister’s job in Youngblood will be to fight the Nazi Reich in the 1980’s Paris and to find their father, the missing ”Terror Billy”.

As for gameplay, it is hard to say much. The video does not show anything that we have not seen before. This is not neccessarily a bad thing, but Wolfenstein’s bloody and fast-paced action could use something new to stirr things up. The only big change seems to be the co-op mode; two players can play one sister each to kill Nazi scum together.

Youngblood will come out on June 26th. The game’s trailer can be watched here.

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