Samsung Galaxy A90 will have a 6.7′ notchless Infinity display

Samsung Galaxy A90 will have a 6.7' notchless Infinity display

According to Steve Hemmerstofferr, one of the more famous mobile tech leaksters, Galaxy A90 will feature an Infinity display with no notch. Instead, the phone will introduce a pretty modern pop-up mechanism with camera installed inside it. What is more, that pop-up can be flipped. Since the pop-up is installed atop the display, it does not take any space on the screen nor the bezel – the front of the device is as smooth as baby bottom. Rumour is that Galaxy A90 will also make do without the earpiece speaker. If true, it would mean that the device will probably use a solution similiar to Crystal Sound, by turning the front display into a speaker.

We will learn how much of all this is true by April 10th – the release date of Galaxy A90.

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