Follow JC GO, or Pokemon GO in missionary position

Follow JC GO, or Pokemon GO in missionary position

Imagine yourself walking down the street and seeing kids playing Pokemon GO. You think to yourself ”little devils, never going to the church, just playing these stupid games night and day. Wish I could teach them a lesson…”. You then return home, turn on your PC, browse the Internet and find out about a mew Pokemon GO, one with saints and holiness and Jesus in its title. A smile spreads your mouth. God is good after all.

Spanish christian foundation Ramon Pane has just created Follow J(esus) C(hrist) GO. It is a mobile game that is basically Pokemon GO but with religious context. Instead of collecting monsters that defy physics and evolution, player collects saints: Peter, Francis etc. There are few minigames included but, sadly, no duel mode; we will not see whether Archangel Michael duking it out with Saint George, much to my chagrin. The point of collecting saints is to put them into your album. The game is available on Android and iOS smartphones. For now the only language version online is in spanish, but Ramon Pane promises english and other languages to arrive soon.

21-st century evangelization or another religious blunder? You make the call.

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