Vertu Aster P, the newest luxury phone with Android

Vertu Aster P, the newest luxury phone with Android

We have good news for everyone with too much money. Vertu, British company specialized in creating luxury mobile devices, is coming back after some financial difficulties. Their newest product is Asper P, a smartphone slash symbol of sumptuousness, presented yesterday on a Pekin conference. Aster P does not have a groundbreaking specs, but specs are not what this device is about; it is about bling, and Asper P has plenty of that. Phone’s body is made of a titan alloy, which will certainly sound good when snobbing about your phone with your equally snobby friends. Device’s rear is covered in a finely cured leather, and its display is covered with sapphire glass. On the inside of the small flip cover leading to the phone’s dual SIM there is a signature of a person responsible for overseeing the assembly of this particular unit. The phone is available in three variants, each of them with its own colour pallettes: Baroque, Gothic and gold-incrusted Dazzling Gold.

As for specs, I have already said that they are not spectacular. Still, they are pretty serviceable: Snapdragon 660 CPU, 5′ FHD display, 6GB RAM andd 128GB storage, solitary main and selfie shooter (dual LED) cameras, 20 mpx and 12 mpx, 3200mAh battery (meh, small) with wireless charge and Quick Charge 3.0. Device works under Android 8.1 Oreo without Google but with some Vesta tools, like the ability to encrypt calls and texts. Dedicated side button serves to activate an AI concierge.

How much does this pleasure cost? Depends on the variant. At the moment the device is a China-exclusive, so I will give the price in yen:

– Baroque, 29 800 yen,
– Gothic, 35 800 yen,
– Dazzling Gold, 98 000 yen.

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