They are working on an animated Diablo show. Nice

They are working on an animated Diablo show. Nice

Oh man, what times do we live in… In the past, when I wanted to play the game I would buy it, install and play. Now they want me to play its spin-offs, read books and comics and even watch whole shows based on my favourite pasttime.

Pretty great, is it not?

One Andrew Cosby, writer and producer, has went to Twitter to write a post about how he is supposedly working on a Netflix animated show. The show is supposed to be based on Diablo, one of the beloved video game franchises by Blizzard. This tweet confirms rumours around a Diablo show in the works that have been going around for weeks. Mister Cosby has not shared any details about the project. For now lets just hope that the maestros from Blizzard will be the ones doing the animation – for years now have their cinematics been the joy of millions of players worldwide.

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