iOS 12 and its most interesting features are…

iOS 12 and its most interesting features are...

Apple has just debuted its newest operating system during the WWDC event. It was an excellent opportunity for Apple to show off all of the OS’ cool features, and the American company used it to its fullest. None of these features are groundbreaking, but they are all interesting in one way or another:

performance optimalization which will largely benefit older Apple devices. When used on iPhone 6, iOS 12 allowed for 40 to 70 percent faster usage of the device,
better picture search that allows you to search for specific picture based on a wide variety of factors,
AR improvements, like Shared Experience which allows you to see what other person using your device sees in the AR, or Measure, app that allows the user to, well, measure and detect the dimensions of things with accuracy down to centimeters,
tongue detection added to the animoji. Sigh. Great,
large update of Siri’s functionalities. ”Shortcuts” allow you to integrate certain 3rd party apps into the Apple’s AI assistant; ”Suggestions” is hard to explain, but it will allow Siri to understand what actions are you taking at the moment and act accordingly, e.g. putting all your received calls straight to voicemail if you are at the movies.

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