Lenovo Z5. A beast to come?

Lenovo Z5. A beast to come?

Lenovo Z5, also known as Lenovo ZUK Z5, is set to launch on June 5th, in a week. The date has been set in an announcement made by Lenovo Group VP Chang Cheng himself. If all the rumours surrounding this phone turn out to be true then what we are facing is a serious breakthrough in the quality of smartphones, at least as far as phone’s ”beefyness” goes. Some of the phone’s most interesting promised features are:

– 95 percent screen-to-body ratio,
– 4 terabytes (yes, terabytes) of internal storage,
– 45 days standby battery.

Even if the rest of the Lenovo Z5’s specification is mediocre, it will be remembered for bringing us hell of a lot of storage space as well as the battery that reminds me of good old Nokia cellphones. Personally I doubt that this 45 days standby time is anything else than a pipe dream, but who knows.

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