Moto Folio, protective case by Motorola

Moto Folio, protective case by Motorola

Motorola has just released its newest Moto Mod. Moto Follo is interesting mainly due to two factors. First, it is the cheapest Moto Mod to date, costing only $11.24. Second, it is not really a Moto Mod.

So what it is, then? Well, a protective case. It covers the back and front of the phone and has a bonus of an inner pocket that can store a credit card. The only reason it is called a mod is that it is attached to a phone via magnetic connectors, just like other Moto Mods. Putting that detail aside, Follo is a nifty and inexpensive little thing. It comes in three colour variants – Fine Gold, Super Black and Grape Juice, has minimalistic design and fits on every Moto Z smartphone. It is not the thickest and most durable of protective cases, being 3 milimeters thick, but it is enough to get the job done.

Interested? Moto Follo can be bought here.

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