American officials are taking a closer look at Apple

American officials are taking a closer look at Apple

It is old news that Apple is now facing twenty six lawsuits regarding the battery downgrading scandal. ”New news” is that not only private citizens have an axe to grind with Apple; senator John Thune, president of the Federal Trade Commission, have issued a letter to Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, where he touches on a few subjects that are mighty uncomfortable for the bitten apple company, like:

– why did Apple not react to a large number of downgraded battery complaints before the downgrade was indisputably proven by a third party, and

– why is Apple charging, even if the cost is severely lowered when compared to the original prices, for exchanging the affected batteries for new ones?

On a European front, Parisian prosecution office is investigating the issue on its own, having so far called it an ”alleged fraid”. Ouch.

Things are certainly happening. End of 2017 and beginning of 2018 seem to not be a good time for large companies; between the Apple battery issue and the thing with EA’s Star Wars: Battlefront loot boxes it is obvious that the common consumer can only take so much before lashing out. Good.

P.S. Apple fans, please do not hate me too much. I do not like Samsung too ;p.

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