iPhones may become less expensive in 2018

iPhones may become less expensive in 2018

iPhones are by no means cheap. One can argue about whether or not their price corresponds to their quality, but it simply cannot be denied that they cost a lot of money. According to Digitimes, Apple plans on increasing next year’s revenue by – colour me surprised – decreasing the price of its smartphones. Items that are to be priced lower are said to be iPhone X, 8 and 8 Plus. They will still be relatively expensive, but a 50 to 100 dollars price cut is nothing to sneeze at. Price cuts are said to take place in the USA, Taiwan and Singapur. There is no word on them taking place in Europe.

Apple has not commented on this gossip, so it may as well not be true at all. We will wait and see, I guess.

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