Facebook may soon be verifying accounts with selfies

Facebook may soon be verifying accounts with selfies

Facebook lately has, or at least believes it does, a huge problem with bots and fake accounts. Company tries many differet things to solve it. Latest idea of Zuckerberg & Company is to make people use selfies in order to verify their accounts. New system is already being tested in a small, closed group.

How will it work? Simply. You know captcha, right? Different methods of verifying if the user is a real person or a bot? Typing numbers and letters provided, answering a question et cetera? Facebook’s idea is like that, except what the user has to provide is her/his selfie picture. Picture will be sent to a Facebook server, where it will be verified and – hopefully – deleted once the verification process is complete.

Personally I do not like the idea. First of all, I would rather not allow Facebook to keep any pictures of mine (other than ones in my album) in their databank, even if they are supposed to be deleted after being used. Second, it sounds like such a bother – imagine having to take out your phone, shoot a selfie and then send it to FB just to be able to log in. What do you think?

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