iOS 11 received another update

iOS 11 received another update

Few days ago I wrote about a stupid glitch in iOS 11; every time someone tried to type a large i, autocorrect would turn that letter into an A with a [?] symbol next to it. It was an annoying and silly (not fun silly, more like embarassing silly) issue that, thankfully, iOS 11.1.1 update is said to have fixed. That is nice, but was it the only thing the update fixed? Well… the most important one, certainly. The update also fixed a few minor issues, a glitch that caused Siri not to start up and added a few emojis. Wow. The 11.1.2 update is where the real improvements are said to be. Sadly, we have no release date.

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  1. the problem is not the update never blame for the update of ios 11 because that autocorrect can be disable in your keyboard settings disable autocorrect and the preview for recommended word and youre all set.

  2. [IMG][/IMG]


    thats how it works if you dont want the autocorrect

    Go to settings general then keyboard

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