180 degrees off Terminator, or how a man hit a robot

180 degrees off Terminator, or how a man hit a robot

Jason Sylvain, 41-years old living in Mountain View (cool surname, by the way), was on his way when suddenly, out of nowhere, an evil, egg-shaped robot assaulted him! Sylvain, hero of humanity, punched the machine, defending mankind against the metal threat. Soon after, he was detained by the human slaves of the robotic overlords…

… okay, that is not how it happened XD. Mountain View is a city located in Sillicon Valley, where many tech companies like Microsoft have their campuses. Small part of Mountain View’s security service are the so called knightscopes. Knightscope is a robot whose task is to document parked car’s number plates and, in case of emergency, alarming the actual, human security. For reasons unknown, probably having something to do with being inebriated, Sylvain decided to push over the 300-pound robot and make a run for it, which ended with him being charged for prowling and public intoxication. Asfor knightscope, don’t worry – little bot got a new paintjob and is back in work.

What is the moral of this story? Do not mess with our future mechanical overlords, for they already hold sway over millions of slaves. Aaaah, panic!

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