Sony Xperia X Compact – is this it?

Sony Xperia X Compact - is this it?

Yesterday thaund screenshot with resaults of some thone with 4,6-inch screen and hype for Xperia X Compact started.
But is it really this model?
Answer isn’t that simple. It can be Sony Xperia X Compact but… sometimes, when GFXBench can’t recognice screen size it shows 4,6″ so I would give it about 90% probability of being Xperia X Compact.
System: Android 6.0.1 (CyanogenMod;
Screen: 4,6″ 1080p;
SoC: Snapdragon 820;
Storage: 64GBGB;
Cameras: 15/7MP;
Ok, so two problems becouse of which I’m not sure that this is Xperia X Compact:
– first of all CyanogenMod;
– second cameras.
Ok CM can be some kind of mistake but cameras aren’t typical for Sony.
But if this is Sony Xperia X Compact it would be sweet thone with good components to size ratio. And major problem would be battery – I fear that it will have short life on one charge.

Source: gsmManiaK (Polish)

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