Public beta for iOS 9.2 starts now

Public beta for iOS 9.2 starts now

Not long ago, we received information, about the newest iOS 9.1 rolling out for all users.
Now we know that the public beta for iOS 9.2 was send for the first users.

The update doesn’t bring anything special to device, the only difference from the previous iOS is the fact it supports user-installed extensions for Safari while the Web browser is working in third-party apps.
Other changes include, the usual security and bug fixes, which allow the device to work smoothly and without any major glitches.

The update is available for all Apple products like iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
So every user is bound to receive the update soon, but there are some disadvantages as well.
As a beta the system in not to stable right now, but the worst part is the fact that it cannot be uninstalled.
If you decide to install iOS 9.2 you won’t be able to downgrade the system, so make sure that you want to try the beta system.

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