HTC One A9 soon available in Verizon

HTC One A9 soon available in Verizon

HTC has made an announcement that their newest model called HTC One A9 will soon be available in Verizon network.
We already knew that it was coming to Verizon, but we didn’t have any specific information.
Now we know that One A9 from Verizon will be available in December.
It is always good to know that more and more networks will offer the smartphone.
It is a great device that will find many happy customers, all over the globe.

When it comes to the price the smartphone can be pre-ordered for $399,99 right now. This promotion is only temporary and in a short time, it will change to $499,99.

If Verizon is not the best network for you. The device can be bought in other networks like AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Cricket, and MetroPCS. is a network unlocking company that offers special unlock codes.
After unlocking the phone with our codes, you won’t loose any warranty, or any data on your phone.
An unlocked smartphone means that it will work in any network you wish.
No matter in what country you are, or what network you wish to use.

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