iPhone 6s and 6s plus prices in Netherlands

iPhone 6s and 6s plus prices in Netherlands

The new Apple products called iPhone 6 and 6 plus will become public on September 9, which that the pre-orders should start on September 11.

However not all countries have the same plan.
Netherland for example will be selling the models directly in their shops on September 25.

The prices that might be available for all Apple products include:

The 16 GB version of iPhone 6s will be available for 699 euro and iPhone 6s plus for 799 euro.

The 64GB version will cost You 799 euro and the 6s plus version for 899 euro.

Last available version will be with 128 GB and its price is 899 euro for for 6s version and 999 euro for 6s plus version.

We are waiting for an official announcent from the Apple company and most important for their prices.

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