First ever iPhone in Pink colors thanks to Amosu

First ever iPhone in Pink colors thanks to Amosu

Well know company Amosu which specializes in improving the quality and value of normal devices has done something special for iPhone fans.

They have created the first ever iPhone in pink color.
Many of you might not find this information to be speacial, but rather funny, there are some real fans who wish they had an iPhone in this color.

However the offer will be very limited, because there will be only ten pink iPhones in the offer.
It seams even the Amosu doesn’t really believe that they will have a lot of orders for this model.

Another amazing thing is the price of 1,899 pounds which is a bit pricey for an iPhone, but quite cheap for the Amosu which has a lot of more expensive devices in their offer.

It is always better to have a real pink iPhone than a simple pink case for it.

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