Samsung increases the speed of downloading files

Number of mobile data continues to grow . Recent studies have shown that more than half of its contents are video recordings and therefore operators worldwide are looking for ways to build high-performance transmission networks.
Samsung Electronics Co. . , Ltd. , presented at the Congress Mobile World Congress 2014 ” Smart Media Networks “, the perfect solution for transmitting mobile content in the era of smart devices . In networks, Smart Media Networks using Smart Cache technology from Samsung, which allows you to increase download speed by the end user and drastically reduce the amount of data transmitted in the network of ” backhaul .” By placing the shared server cache in the base station closest to the mobile subscriber , end users can enjoy quicker access to popular multimedia content .
In addition to technology, the cache memory in the nodes of the mobile network , Samsung unveiled an analytical tool for mobile network operators . This tool is designed to search for the causes of deterioration in the quality of video transmission method to analyze network conditions and video content received by the end user. The results of this analysis are transferred to the operator. The presentation showed how the tool automatically tracks the Samsung network element that reduces the quality of video transmission and removes the problem.

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