How to unlock Huawei U6150 by unlock code

How to unlock Huawei U6150 by unlock code

This handset comes accorded with the most developed configurations that have been discussed ahead. It is enabled with a 2. 4-inch TFT LCD screen that resembles 320 x 240 pixels LQVGA display resolution. In an addition the device offers with Qualcomm’s BREW platform, built with a full real QWERTY keyboard to get a simple and fast messaging, supports for MicroSD unit card slot and lots more.


2. 4-inch TFT LCD screen
320 x 240 LQVGA display resolution
Offers Qualcomm’s BREW platform
Full real QWERTY keyboard to get simple fast messaging
23MB internal memory space
MicroSD unit card slot
8GB memory support
2 mega-pixel digital camera
Bluetooth connectivity

To easily and quickly unlock your Huawei U6150 do following:

1. Go to
2. In SEARCH field enter Your model, in this case enter U6150 or go to directly link Unlock by code Huawei U6150
3. Choose Your phone “Unlock by code for Huawei U6150”
4. Then press “Unlock Huawei U6150” buttom
5. Enter IMEI number, and order code.

Time to receive unlock code to Huawei U6150 is 1-2 days, average time is 1 day 5 hours, it’s the time the last 50 orders.
Unlock code is sent to Your e-mail You provided in Your order.

If you have a message on the phone “sim reset key block” or “block reset key” don’t worry, We provide all codes, even code for block reset, subset code or service provider code.

To enter unlock code for Huawei U6150 insert foreign (Unaccepted) SIM card and enter the unlock code.

Why unlock Huawei U6150 with us:

* The unlock codes returns in 1-2 days(also weekends)
* There is no risk of damage Your phone
* We give 100% support in case of any problems while unlocking Your Huawei phone
* Opportunity to buy a foreign SIM card in another country to avoid roaming charges
* Waiting time for the code was reduced to a minimum by an automated system on our website

See on the video below how to easily enter unlock code in Huawei phones:

Unlock Your Huawei U6150 with

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