One More Thing: Steve Jobs didn’t like Siri

Today the tech world is reeling from the revelation that Steve Jobs didn’t like the name Siri, which is fair enough because it’s not a particularly good name.

But here at One More Thing, we’re already over it and on to Peter, the Galaxy Note wielding elephant and the scientists that use Lego to grow fake bones. We’re even repinning President Obama. Come. Give in. Join us. Braiiiiins.

You can’t be Siri-ous – Presumably that’s what Steve Jobs said of the name Siri which he apparently did not like. But Dag Kittlaus, who co-founded Siri, said Jobs stuck with Siri because he couldn’t come up with anything better. But, you know, he came up with the iPod and the iPhone and the iPad so we can probably cut him some slack. [Apple Insider]

Pachyderm tech – The Samsung Galaxy Note’s screen is so big that even an elephant – note: not the world’s first elephant – can use it. No, really. There’s a video and everything. Not only can it jab and swipe with its trunk, the elephant, named Peter, even uses the S Pen stylus to draw a, well, we’re not sure what but still. Amazing.

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