Tata Group will create iPhones in India

Tata Group will create iPhones in India

Tata Group is done with the acquisition of Wistron’s division that assembles iPhones in India.

The deal includes a 44-аcre (nearly 180,000 sq. m) facility with eight production lines near Bengaluru.
It is one of the places where iPhone 12 and iPhone 14 devices were assembled, which means that Tata will play a significant role in the increasing iPhone production in the Asian country.

Tata Group is the biggest conglomerate in India and consists of 29 companies including Tata Motors, which has been making electric vehicles since 2020.
The iPhone production will fall under the umbrella of Tata Electronics, the same division that manufactures the casings of iPhone SE in a facility in Hosur, Tamil Nadu.

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