First information about Apple Reality Pro

First information about Apple Reality Pro

If you were wondering if Apple wants a part of the VR business well we have the answer for you.

Apple has announced their new product called Apple Reality Pro and the device looks really good.

The glasses are rumored to have two 1.41” micro OLEDs, bringing a 4,400 ppi resolution and over 5,000 nits of brightness and 4k for each eye.

The brightness number is 5x higher than the standard nits we’ve been reporting on smartphones.

Just like f-stops, there is one step from 1,000 nits to 2,000 nits, a second one from 2,000 nits to 4,000 nits, a third from 4,000 to 8,000 nits, etc.

This still means the Reality Pro displays will be nearly three times brighter than a smartphone screen at peak brightness which says a lot.

We also heard that this device will cost around $1,500 which is a lot, but that is yet to be confirmed.

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