Apple makes many improvements for disabled people

Apple makes many improvements for disabled people

Apple cares about everyone, doesn’t matter if you like them or not, you cannot deny the fact that they do what they can to get better.

Their main focus in this article where the disable people, meaning the people that have problems with their eyes or ears.

Apple company has created: Live Speech which allows nonspeaking people to type instead of speaking during calls.

Other one is called Personal Voice which creates a model of a synthesized voice, and the last one called Detection Mode is for people who are blind or have very impaired vision.

If you are interested how detective mode works it interacts with objects that have text labels and will read them loudly when pointed.

It will be built into the Magnifier app and will also offer People Detection, Door Detection, and Image Descriptions.

This type of features make the world a better place and we hope that more and more companies will follow this amazing example.

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